Here are some examples of my work. I’ve converted them all into PDF format. They used to be links to the various websites (if it was website copy). But due to various circumstances (broken links, changes by the owner, etc.), I decided to convert them into a single plain text format for convenience.

The following are mostly website copy with brochures, sales letters, cold calling scripts and more…

  • EXIT Realty. This is a company that motivates real estate agents to achieve more and discover new sources of income.
  • H-DOX. A sales letter for an electronic health records company located in New York City.
  • H-DOX PR. Here’s a press release for the above mentioned EHR company.
  • NSW Compensation Lawyers. Website copy for a law firm in Sydney, Australia.
  • Get Licensed. This is web copy for a security training company in London.
  • Pinot Herbal. Website and catalog copy for a natural health care company in Australia.
  • Music Industry Online. A company that helps people getting started in the music business.
  • Final Impression Software. Website copy for an individual selling screen capture software.
  • The EVOLVA Method. A brochure for a life coach in the UK.
  • Blitz Chiropractors Marketing. Here is a series of¬†autoresponder reports that were sent out to¬†chiropractors who wanted to get more business.
  • U-Boat Aces. Copy for a DVD that is focused on submarine and U-Boat enthusiasts.
  • Knatty Dread Locs. Website copy for hair care products for people who have dreadlocks.
  • Stork Select. Gender selection method. This one is for girls; I also did a similar one for boys.
  • Road Map to Riches. Copy for a business opportunity website.
  • Astroscopia. Website copy for an astrological charts.
  • Leadership Mastery for Women. Copy for a membership and coaching site.
  • Ivory Tower Tutors. Website copy for a college level tutoring service.
  • Triune Pilates. This was a campaign that included a website, sales letter, Google Adwords, postcard marketing and more.
  • Unibet. Landing page and Refer-a-Friend emails.
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