Here are just some of the services I can do for you. You might want to look them over and decide which ones your business really needs.

• Website Content. If you didn’t realize you need high quality, persuasive content and digital copywriting for your website, you wouldn’t be reading this now, right? That’s the main thrust of this website: to create for you the words and ideas to get as many of your visitors to TAKE ACTION!

• Sales Letters. Clearly, to succeed you need to market to people both online and off. Direct mail sales letters are considered to be one of the best ways—in terms of response and cost—to get customers to respond to your business. Creating successful sales letters is one of my specialties!

• Auto-Responder Emails. You don’t have to use an email marketing campaign to succeed online. Many people don’t. But if your customers are not ready to buy from you just yet, you need to keep your business on the tops of their minds. I can create for you autoresponder emails consisting of just a few to several dozen to gently remind your customers of your offers.

• Online surveys and polls. What would you give to know what your prospects and customers are truly thinking? When you know what they are thinking and what they really want, you can sell it to them for TOP DOLLAR! Let me design the questions to ask your visitors so we can get at the heart of their desires.

• Articles/SEO Articles. People who come to this website know they need a competitive edge, a way to get free publicity, AND get to the top of the search engines. The way to do this is with interesting and informative articles. Unfortunately, most people who claim to write these articles just use a template to crank them out. Not me. I’ll write original articles that you can use to promote your business.

• Blog Posts. Some of the wealthiest Internet entrepreneurs have gotten their start on blogs. But did you know that not all of these entrepreneurs create all of their posts? If you have a blog or you are thinking of starting one, let me help you generate some interesting and useful posts.

• Catalog Descriptions. Very few business people sell just one product or service. To do well in ANY economy, you must sell a variety of products, services, and offers. Obviously, each one needs to be presented as incredibly desirable and unique. I take what you are offering and write STAND-OUT, mouth-watering descriptions for each item or service.

• Brochures. Haven’t you bought many things just on the strength of businesses’ brochures? I certainly have. On the other hand, I’vetossed more brochures in the trash than I’ve kept. What’s the difference that makes the difference that gets people to keep (and act on) some brochures while ignoring others? People need a reason to keep them, and if you let me write your brochure, I’ll give them excellent reasons to read this and act now!

• Press Releases/News Releases. I wonder if you’re not already considering sending a press release: The power of this tiny document is amazing and could bring your business to a whole other level. BUT…only if it’s done right. I don’t have to tell you there are plenty of press releases that end up in the rubbish or deleted like a boring resumé. Let me design your press release so that it gets editors’ attention…not oblivion!

• Special Reports. What part of your business will give your prospects the most confidence in buying from you, especially if you’re just starting out? It’s competence. And a great way of showing how competent you are is with FREE special reports you give away to your prospects.

• Direct Mail Packages. Isn’t the millions of dollars some companies have made using direct mail incredible? Some direct mail packages (usually sales letter, brochure, lift letter, coupon, etc.) have taken once obscure companies and rocketed them to super-stardom(Richard Branson’s Virgin is the first company that comes to mind). I can’t promise you millions of dollars or to make you a superstar (but I’ll try!)

• Presentation Slides. No more boring presentations. We’ll be using persuasive language to get your point across and get your audience to more likely agree with you and more likely to make the responses you want. And these slides are not just for PowerPoint, Google Documents and have free online presentations so you canshare your ideas with the world!

• DVD/CD/Book Cover Descriptions. Have you created an information product and don’t know the strongest way to present it? With all my years experience, let me create persuasive blurbs and descriptions that will cause your prospects to actually crave your products.

• Speeches. Here’s your chance to give captivating speeches to the groups you address. We’ll model some of the most inspirational speakers and have your audience on the edges of their seats.

• Cold Calling Scripts. Don’t use canned scripts! Nothing turns off people more. I’ll create a tailor-made cold calling script that uses “advanced language patterns” to create a buying-state in people who hear it.

Those are just some examples of the projects I’ve worked on for people and their businesses. If there is something you want but is not on the above list, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do for you!

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